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Blood Pressure Health - Terry Naturally

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Product Description

Have Healthy Blood Pressure? Help Keep it that Way

Whether your blood pressure has been naturally healthy, or you've worked hard to get it within the normal range, help keep it there with Blood Pressure Health by Terry Naturally.

Blood Pressure Health contains natural olive leaf and hibiscus extracts that may support already healthy blood pressure levels by:

  • Promoting smooth, flexible arteries
  • Supporting healthy circulation
  • Protecting blood vessels for optimal blood vessel health
  • Supporting blood viscosity

Rich in many beneficial plant compounds, olive leaf extract is particularly rich in oleuropein, which is believed to be its most active compound. Oleuropein may be the key to olive leaf extract's support for maintaining already normal blood pressure.

Adding to the benefits of oleuropein, hibiscus is a natural source of health-promoting vitamin C, minerals, and various beneficial plant compounds that may help support healthy fluid balance as well as healthy blood vessel relaxation and tone to keep blood pressure within a normal range.

Health is a wonderful thing. Support the health you have with Blood Pressure Health.