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CuraMed 200mg

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Frequently Asked Questions for CuraMed®:

Q: How does the BCM-95® Curcumin in CuraMed® compare to other curcumin and turmeric products?

A. Theproperproductcomparisoniscurcumintocurcumin.However,sincemanycompaniesare comparing their curcumin absorption to turmeric, we provide this information as a service to our customers.

  • Plain curcumin 95% delivers up to 50 times more curcumin as the same amount of turmeric.

  • BCM-95® Curcumin has been proven to deliver up to 10 times more curcumin into the

    bloodstream as the same amount of plain curcumin.

  • Therefore, when compared gram per gram, BCM-95® Curcumin delivers up to 10 times

    more curcumin than plain curcumin 95% and up to 500 times more curcumin than found in an equal amount of turmeric.

Q: How is CuraMed® different than Curamin®? Can we take them both together?
A. CuraMed
provides high absorption BCM-95® Curcumin and is our highest potency,

all-curcumin product. Curamin provides BCM-95® Curcumin along with BosPure® Boswellia, DL–phenylalanine (DLPA), and nattokinase as a combination for occasional muscle pain due
to exercise or overuse.* It is perfectly fine to use them together, according to your
individual preferences.