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Faerie Mae Cleansing Oil

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This is more than just a facial toner.  The main ingredients in our toners are pure floral hydrosols that are complemented with natural witch hazel distillate and fruit extracts. 

Faerie Made's Facial Mist is cleansing, toning, balancing and hydrating.  100% pure natural Rose hydrosols (floral water) provide soothing, slightly astringent properties to balance skin and offers a natural appealing scent is combined with pure witch hazel distillate to tonify the skin. In addition water loving glycerin is added to assist keeping the skin hydrated. 


Super concentrated;  Apply with tissue or cotton ball after cleansing and allow to air dry.  Follow up with our Facial Elixir.

*Hint* Lightly mist the face throughout the day for a refreshing pick-me-up.


Rose: for all skin types 

Due to the sensitive nature of aqueous solutions, we ask care be given to use within 6 months of purchase and to keep in a cool place.



paraben free


4 oz bottle VEGAN