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Gnarly Vegan Protein

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Gnarly Vegan is an all natural plant based protein designed with both vegetarians and vegan in mind. Our unique blend of pea protein isolate as well as chia and cranberry proteins makes the perfect vegetarian protein powder. Our vegan and vegetarian consumers will all tell you how surprised they were when they tasted our Vegan Blend. Gnarly Vegan has a very rich flavor profile that helps our protein not only taste good but blend well with just water not extras added. Our Vegetarian protein powder is pea based making it naturally fat – and cholesterol free. Being non dairy makes it the perfect protein for the lactose-intolerant. To top it all our Gnarly Vegan is gluten-free making it digest easily to get the nutrients your body needs. Vegan proteins offer the same types of protein benefits as whey, without the animal products. Gnarly Vegan proteins are high in BCAAs and can be a great alternative protein source for individuals who suffer from certain types of food allergies and digestive difficulties. Our goal is to provide our customers with only the highest quality ingredients. We hand select our ingredients to insure that we are giving our customers products that contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Gnarly is continually working on bringing vegetarian and vegan supplement options to the market. BEST VEGAN PROTEIN EVER || Utilizing pea protein isolate as well as chia and cranberry proteins, our vegan protein blend is easy to digest and contains all the essential amino acids a gnarly body needs. SMOOTH & GREAT TASTING || Our goal has always been to provide the best quality ingredients that provide a functional product for you. We also think it’s extremely important for you to actual enjoy drinking the stuff. We only use natural sweeteners (Stevia, monk fruit and Erythritol). We think we have done a pretty damn good job providing a vegan protein product that tastes great. EASILY DIGESTIBLE & ASSIMILATED || Tired of being bloated, gassy and uncomfortable after your protein shake? Say good bye to uncomfortable digestive problems, post workout. Gnarly adds pre and probiotics and digestive enzymes to all of our protein products allowing your body to get the most use possible out of this high quality protein. PRE & PROBIOTICS INCLUDED || Proven to help strengthen the healthy flora in you intestine. Healthy intestines mean they will assimilate nutrients better and will help to reduce sickness and digestive irritability. NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS , FLAVORS & SWEETENERS || We know you and we know your committed in performing at the top of your level. We are too. So as a part of our Gnarly promise to you, we will never use artificial junk in our products and that’s a promise.