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IxTape is an elastic Kineseo Tape treated with Tourmaline, a crystal with minerals known to reduce pain and inflammation as well as maximize blood flow. Similar to kt tape, our tape is water proof and will last through showers and daily routine up to 5-10 days. Our professional grade tape is taking the place of prescription drugs and has entered the holistic medicines group. Natural Pain relief is our motto and we have success in the thousands.
  • Our Kineseo tape is long lasting. At 16 feet long per roll, the tape is known for its grade A effects. Case studies from top doctors have proven our product effective.
  • Tourmaline and it's pain relieving effects have been known for thousands of years and we have taken advantage of it. We have impregnated the tourmaline mineral into our products, creating an amazing pain relieving reaction.
  • Used by yoga instructors, athletes including NFL Fts healing and ootball players, labor workers, people who have gone through surgery for faster healing, chiropractors, physicians, medical doctors, diabetics, naturalists, and people seeking pain relief from anywhere but narcotics.
  • High-quality elastic athletic tape. Designed to be worn for an extended period of time (3-4 days) without irritation, as well as during strenuous exercise or hydrotherapy. Ion-activated adhesive will not leave residue. Latex-free and FDA-approved.
  • ixTape is an elastic tape treated with tourmaline. The crystal Tourmaline is a mineral we use to impregnate our products. It has pain relieving effects, reduces inflammation, and maximizes blood flow. Used for surgery patients for faster healing, athletes to prevent injury, sports teams including NFL football players to help reduce swelling and increase movement in joints. IxTape is a professional grade product known for it's grade A properties. It has been studied by various doctors and physicians as well as chiropractors, resulting in positive feed back and has gone viral. Stays on body after showers as it is water proof and is known to stay on body for and excess of 5 days. Tourmaline has been known for thousands of years for its psychological healing effects as well, healing anything from a migraine to depression and anxiety. Tourmaline is a natural remedy and we are the first in history to have used it's pain relieving properties. Great for sports, labor workers, basketball players, hockey players, football players, computer workers, people on their feet all day, and many more. IxTape has a 100% effectiveness guarantee. Great for a gift, hospital patient, fatigued industrial workers, kids in the playground or playhouse. Also, people who are interested in rocks and minerals who have knowledge of tourmaline and other crystals love our products. Ionix International has been producing ixTape for 5 years and with extensive research and development it has developed into a nationwide and soon to be international icon. Negative Ion therapy is one of the largest growing industries and that is exactly what we are using tourmaline for. Negative Ions are released from the tape as a small electric charge, which promotes blood flow and reduces inflammation, resulting in less pain in the entire back, shoulders, joints, hips, stomach, knee, chest, ankle and even the neck and the head. We thank you in advance for trying our product!