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Peak Power Capsules - Herbalogic

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Peak Power K2 Herb Capsules | Facts & Instructions

Supports Alert Energy and Mental Focus

Peak Power K2 capsules bring together our natural energy and focus formulas in one convenient capsule. This combination harnesses the energy-boosting botanicals of Peak Power, long used in herbal traditions to support physical stamina and performance, with the herbs in our Fixed Focus formula for mental alertness and clarity. The combination provides a powerful performance boost so you can up your game, whether your game is work or fun.*

  • Indications
    Use when sustained energy and mental alertness are desired. Use to prevent afternoon dullness without the “crash” that follows use of sugary, caffeinated drinks. Use when traveling or exercising in low-oxygen environments to support increased blow flood and bioavailability of oxygen to tissues. May protect against the effects of altitude sickness when taken several days before traveling to high elevations.*