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My Veriditas Testimonial:

I’ve been using Veriditas essential oils for about a year now, recommended by my aunt. We love every oil tried so far. My 3 kids even have fun helping decide which oil to diffuse daily. On a whim, I recently bought vetiver and started diffusing daily with other essential oils, usually a citrus or lavender. I have a very “active” mind and noticed that it made me feel calm and clear. Not wanting to read too much into it, I began researching the uses for vetiver. ADHD kept coming up. My 10 year old son Conor has been struggling in school with, among other things, ADHD and sensory processing, since first grade.
About 2 weeks after I first started diffusing the vetiver, I experimented with using topically on him before school. Soon, positive notes and awards began coming home from school. That week I had a conference scheduled with his general and special education teachers. Usually these conferences are somewhat stressful. This one was not! For the first time, I sat in awe as his teachers spent 30 minutes telling me all of the positive changes they’ve seen, especially in the previous 2 WEEKS. He was more focused, patient, calm, kind. They thought he started a new supplement. I mentioned that I had been diffusing vetiver and other oils and on occasion using topically. Neither of them have heard about essential oils before. They both exclaimed, “Keep doing it!” Now this still could have been a coincidence, maybe. So I began putting vetiver on Conor topically every morning before school, mixing with jojoba or lotion just to be sure his sensitive skin was safe.
A couple more weeks went by, he was doing so well. Then there were a few days I didn’t diffuse or put oils on him. His special ed teacher called me at lunchtime to let me know that Conor was very distracted and anxious. She noticed he didn’t have his oils on! She wanted me to know that I had just made them all believers in essential oils, especially vetiver. “We wouldn’t have believed it if we didn’t see it,” she said. She asked for more information, so that she can inform family and friends who have children with challenges like Conor. I gladly sent her to your website. Now, putting oils on is part of our morning routine! ❤ 


Tiffany McAlerney
Hackettstown, NJ


From a Vitalistic perspective, the roots of Vetiver are innately nourishing, strengthening and grounding. For the overactive mind, Vetiver is relaxing and is well suited for one who constantly strives for perfection. Vetiver helps bring about a sense of ease, letting the mind just be.

Like Sandalwood, Patchouli and Frankincense, the earthy tones of Vetiver’s fragrance improve with age. Vetiver is considered to be a strong base note. Base notes take more than 12 hours to evaporate, where top notes evaporate in less than 2 hours. When mixed with other essential oils, Vetiver helps the other oils to “stick around” (literally) keeping the other, more volatile essential oils (top notes), “fixed” to the skin. This unpretentious oil serves as a trusted base note for the world’s perfumery market. Veriditas uses Vetiver in our Men’s Deodorant to fix the Lavender, Tea Tree and Thyme essential oils to the skin, so they don’t absorb as quickly. This way, the oils can stay on the skin longer to do the job of killing the bacteria that makes armpits stinky!

Authentic Vetiver is dark amber in color, and pours slowly from the bottle. This is a good metaphor for how Vetiver works on the body. It is slow, and grounding. Good Vetiver oil is sold with a glass applicator wand because the oil’s viscosity inhibits its flow from a “dropper” bottle. Vetiver roots grow so tightly together and they are so strong, that they are used for Erosion control in soil that drains too easily. This is also a great metaphor for how Vetiver keeps moisture in the skin.

Vetiver is grown for 3 years before it can be harvested and distilled for its oil. As you see in the video, one must harvest the roots of the Vetiver grass, pulling them out of the ground, shaking and cutting the roots off with a machete. This is hard labor done by hand with no tractors or machines for help.

Veriditas sources our organic Vetiver from a sustainable Family –owned Farm & Distillery in El Salvador called Nobs Hydrofusion. Hydrofusion is a technical terms used to describe the distillation process. Instead of distilling the plant with steam on the bottom of the still, the steam is injected at the top of the still, and condensation occurs at the bottom, allowing gravity to do most of the work of extracting the oil.  It is more gentle than traditional steam distillation, and produces heavier fractions of oil with a deeper aroma that smells more like the plant itself.  Nobs is the only distillery in the world that takes the time to do this 24 hour long distillation process. All other Vetiver in the world is produced by regular steam distillation which takes only 1 hour.  This is why most Vetiver oils on the marketplace have a strong, “burnt” smell to them. This Vetiver is different because of its gentle hidrodifusion; the Vetiver is soft, smooth, carmel-like, warm, earthy, and so much more! Try it on your body as a perfume or as a natural deodorant all by itself.


Applied topically, Vetiver has an abundance of therapeutic uses that include:

  • Anti-anxiety – helps to bring a more calm and balanced state of mind and supports the autonomic nervous system
  • Circulatory tonic – circulatory stimulant; also a tonic for venous congestion
  • Immune tonic – supports the immune system
  • Skin emollient – softens and moisturizes skin. Used to correct dryness and scaling of skin, fine lines and wrinkles.


** Use only organic, therapeutic grade Vetiver zizanioides

Facial Mask for Radiant Skin – Vetiver helps rid your skin of blemishes and restores essential circulation to the face, resulting in more radiant skin.

USAGE: Mix 2 tablespoons of Honey with 4 drops of Vetiver and 2 drops of Tea Tree oil. Apply to your face and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water infused with a little fresh lemon juice for its astringent qualities.

“Grounding” –  For a grounding effect, smear a small amount of Vetiver from the glass applicator wand onto each foot. Rub the oil in with a few pumps of lotion or oil and feel the warmth. Vetiver can also be wiped directly onto the feet for resting in savasana.

Anti-anxiety –  Vetiver essential oil is very grounding and helps to stabilize emotions. It calms and relaxes the hyperactive mind. Vetiver’s healing qualities are useful when feeling distracted, mildly depressed, stressed or emotionally exhausted. Vetiver is also an effective oil to help the mind focus during meditation.

USAGE: Place 2 drops Vetiver with 2 drops Lavender into the palms, rub on chest, behind ears, on solar plexus or temples. The oils can also be added to lotion for a more subtle application.

Relaxation Therapy / Immune tonic – Vetiver is a gentle immune stimulant and an autonomic nervous system regulator. From an Ayurvedic perspective, it’s considered tri-doshic or balancing.

USAGE:  Moments after a hot bath or shower,  Mix 5-10 drops of Vetiver with 1/2 cup of organic sesame oil and rub over entire body. Wrap up in old cloths and get under the covers. Feel the body protected, warmed, and completely relaxed. This kind of relaxation helps the body to rest and regenerate. It is very nourishing to the nervous system and is the authors’ favorite way to relax and fully decompress after a long day at the office.

Circulatory tonic – Vetiver works well as a simple massage treatment for stiff, aching muscles and joints and for tired or restless legs.

USAGE: To Relax Muscles, massage into skin by infusing your favorite lotion with 25 drops of Vetiver oil together with 25 drops of Peppermint oil.

To soothe painful or restless legs: 10 drops of rosemary OR 10 drops of cypress OR 10 drops of Veriditas Varicose Vein treatment can be added to the Vetiver and Peppermint mixture. Start application at the ankle and move upwards to the top of leg.

This Vetiver mixture can also be rubbed onto hands or feet to ease Neuropathy.
Skin emollient – Vetiver has a deep, earthy aroma with sweet undertones and is a beneficial tonic for skin rejuvenation.
USAGE: Add a couple of drops to your daily moisturizer.


None known.

Do NOT use internally.



That is a lot of time to wait to make some vetiver oil!
YIELD: It takes 150kg of vetiver root to produce 1kg of oil!
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